As a part of the TOKYO EJUICE family, members are sent eliquids and merchandise in exchange for high-quality social media content. Our sponsorship program is designed to give sponsors recognition and boost our brand.
Who are we looking for?
TOKYO is looking for creative people with a strong understanding of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. If you are any of the following you are eligible to become part of the TOKYO EJUICE sponsorship program.
What are the benefits of become a sponsor?
Hard work pays off! Sponsors are highly valued at TOKYO EJUICE, therefore we reward our sponsors by:
·VIP membership - Access to the latest news about the brand via exclusive mailing list.
·Recognition - TOKYO EJUICE helps promote member’s personal brand through social media.
·Exclusive Gifts - Receive free eliquids and merchandise.
Think you have what it takes?
Please fill out the sponsorship request form to be considered as a future candidate.