Our company puts the customer first in everything we do, a commitment consistent in everything we do, a commitment consistent with our policy to provide customers with a superior range of products and the finest possible quality.

Tokyo ejuice products are designed in Texas, We also manufacturer our products Internationally under the full supervision of our production team. All our manufacturing facilities contain clean-rooms and are G.M.P. certified facilities. Every step of the manufacturing process is professionally handled to ensure the quality of the final product which includes testing, logging, multitudes of inspection, and precise measurements.


We can develop custom flavours according to your request. We only use high quality food ingredients for our raw materials and aroma.

Short lead time

At full capacity, we can produce 1Hundred Million bottles of e-liquid per year and committed to deliver orders in possible shortest time.

Custom Flavor Creation
We have a library with thousands of flavours available. Our in house flavorist can help ypu create your own desired flavour.

Quality Ingredients
Our E-liquid manufacturer use only the highest grade of food-based ingredients.

We are concerned with customers who want to built their own e-juice brand
We help your desires turn into realities.As to emphasize that we can make any requests from you to be materialized based on our capacity.We focused on product research and manufacturing also in promotions of other brands.

We provide branding service which include package plans that will help to introduce your brand in market. we also offer marketing tools to facilitate your brand’s name in the market

Law & Regulation
We are exportised to create a product with TPD, FDA & CCSPI regulation. We also can registered it based on country law and regulation

We have a creative design team that able to produce attractive designs. Our team also can provide ideas for your own design and packaging also customizing your product packaging such as product bottles or product boxes.

We distribute your products to the right channels also according to regulations and guidelines.

We are capable to mass produce 8.5 M bottles per month. We also can produce outstanding amount of flavours with our resources as we produced 200+ different flavours per month according to requests.

We could help you in shaping your brand, including marketing tools and plans for your products.

Custom flavour development by request and capable to do R&D in just 10 days. Depends on the package you choose.

We have multiple contract manufacturers and service centers spread across the world and it gave us a database with a great web interface, which allowed us to focus our development efforts on other aspects of our production line.”
These Terms and Conditions were last revised and made effective as of May 1, 2019.